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Tim StiX
Tim StiX — Golden Horse
All Images by Jane and Tim Stix

Sleep cracks, as lids flutter in dream

Georgie Porgie has vented his spleen

A melon-tinged bird appears on the wing

Take me back gilded horse, Madame Queen, Mrs King

Mary Contrary with buzzard and cheese …

… Blink!

Eyes blink open. Daytime … just light. 6:58 AM … 2 minutes till alarm. Damn! It feels like I just shut my eyes. Wait … there was a pig-faced man overthrowing a monarchy … a golden horse and … a duck. No! An albatross? Wait … no, it’s gone!

I reach to the nightstand and foil the wretched alarm. And then, there…

Tim StiX: Larger than Life in a Universe of Things — image by Jeremy Thomas
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

You may know my name. Or maybe not?

I am just another thing, rattling around in a Universe of things.

You could be wandering down a beautiful country track on a fine summer’s day, with infant birds chirping in the trees.

The sun is shining its warm, healing rays down on your face and you feel embraced and at peace.

Then, you see me in the distance. A friendly image walking towards you.

You close your eyes for a brief instant, enjoying the warmth of the moment.

Blinking-open your ‘lids, to take in the scene …

But time has passed…

Tim StiX — Ships on the Horizon
Ships on the Horizon by Tim StiX

Pale light filters through the drapes of my bedroom window as I drop out of slumber. It must be early because my room is cold and crisp from the cool of sunrise.

Swinging my legs out of bed, I tip-toe to my desk at the window and drop to the wooden chair. Rubbing sleep from my eyes as I peer out across the backyard to a forest of Huon Pine trees.

I like to call it my forest, because it has special meaning to me. Within that five acres is Alien Glade, the meeting point for visitors from beyond our…

Untamed and Free

Tim StiX — Beauty in Prose
Beauty in Prose — image by Tim StiX

Her writing sings for all to see

Beauty in prose without predictability

A handsome face

Projects her grace

An author flowing betwixt the seas


Alas, if only I could scrive as lit

Or pen a fraction of her peerless wit

My heart would sing

But where to begin

Such majestic rays are seldom writ


For her a phrase is but a joy to weave

While my foolish stuttering can only grieve

My poison pen

Her effortless Zen

A dichotomy you no doubt believe


Her writing flows for all to see

Painted words aligned in harmony

Each perfect…

What do you call the Boss from Hell?

Tim StiX — Boss from Hell
The Boss from Hell — image by Tim StiX

Little Mickey, the Mouse from Hell

Is He takin’ the piss? It’s so hard to tell

A threat masked in pep

To the bridge we all shlep

A hospital wing, for all those who fell


A secure facility, for His victims to wail

Named, shamed and gamed, then setup to fail

Walled and secured

Bequeathed by His Lord’

God’s Gift of the Wing, we bow down and hail!


Such a tiny Mouse with a behemoth head

Raised and stilted, on the bones of the dead

The thirtieth piece

Sliced from the deceased

Oh Judas, you are so well…

Creating a Simple Website

Tim StiX: Create My Own Website
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Welcome to Chapter Two of our light-hearted look at the joys and simplicity of creating your own Website.

If you are new to this Series, see Chapter One.

Today we are actually going to create a real Website.

I created a brand-new Site as an example, with the Compliments of the Season.

So, if you are ready to get started, grab a parachute, we’re about to press GO!

Compliments of the Season

Tim StiX: The End of the Rainbow
The End of the Rainbow — Unmodified Photo by Tim StiX

Yes, last year, the unforgettable and sobering year, has passed. We have now, thankfully, moved from the Plus One to the Plus Two; Twenty, Twenty-one.

Oh, what fun!

Twenty, Nineteen plus one. Memorable for all the wrong reasons. A forgettable year, yet one that we will never forget.

Well imagine living through all the fun of a viral year combined with mental-health issues, on a rickety wagon. Yes, you guessed it!

I lived that 365 days, plus one, strapped to a water-wagon, on an extremely bumpy road

If you think that is amusing? The truly funny thing is that, somehow, I managed to…

Get some love from Search Engines

Welcome to Part 1 of a Series on Google Cred’ — Getting some love from Search Engines.

This Series continues with Part 2: Personal Cred’.

Tim StiX: How to get Google Cred’
A high-position listing for The Three Ultimate Gifts — image by Tim StiX

A high-position Listing in Google

Admit it. Getting a high-position listing in Google is what we, Medium Authors, all want. We are all, aiming for that number one spot.

But how do we achieve that?

I could bore you to tears with SEO and Networking etcetera, but that is not what this article is about.

What you really want is:

Forget the technicalities and jargon, just tell me how to get a high-position listing, in as few words as possible.

Who the Hell is Tim StiX?

Tim StiX Articles
Are you searching for yourself? Image by TimStiX

Part Two

Welcome to Part 2 in a Series on building up Google Cred’. How to get indexed and listed by Search Engines.

What is Google Cred’? Is it credibility? Close, but not exactly. More of that later.

This Part is focused on Personal Cred’. If you are new to the series, check out Part 1.


People talk about SEO and SERPs and other confusing terms or TLA’s. But, at the end of the day, you and I just want to be listed in Google searches and preferably, right at the top.

I will reveal a few things up-front, so you know…

The Joys of Creating Your Own Website

Photo by Tim StiX

This is an honest yet light-hearted look at the joys and simplicity of creating your own Website.

Make no mistake, this Article is totally serious and will hopefully give you the determination to achieve your goal.

But my task, will be to encourage you to give up the idea and take up skydiving. It’s less dangerous!

If you make it to the end of the Article and still have the passion, then let me know and I will publish Chapter Two.

There are a number of Hurdles to jump. You’re at the starting…

Tim StiX

Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years’ experience and is a Musician, Artist, Author and Father. Website:

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